Delila Program: dops

dops program

Documentation for the dops program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 2.80; (* of dops.p 2010 Nov 03}

(* begin module describe.dops *)
   dops: pascal graphics library and preprocessor for postscript

   dops(demo: in, input: in, output: out)

   demo: a file for demonstration of the program.
      Start dops interactively.  Start a picture with
          .PS 81 2 2
      then type
      Graphics instructions will be read from the file 'demo', and the
      corresponding postscript will appear on the output.
      You can try instructions by hand.  Then type
          ^d (control-d)
      to conclude.
   input: Graphics instructions.  Portions surrounded by .PS (with
      the appropriate parameters) and .PE (.PS =picture start and .PE =
      picture end) are searched for function names.  When a function
      name is found, the parameters on the same line are read.
   output: the functions detected within .PS to .PE
      are translated into PostScript graphics

   Dops converts the graphical instructions made by modules from
   domod.p and produces graphics in the language PostScript.

   To demonstrate the 3-D graphics, use
     .PS 81 2 2
     (control-d to leave the program)
   A complete test file is called 'demo', which should be run


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see also
   doodle.p, domod.p, dosun.p
   PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook,
   PostScript Language Language Reference Manual
   both from Addison Wesley, 1985
   dops.demo - file that demonstrates all functions
   xyplo.p - uses colors in plots.

  Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
  Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
  permanent email:

   none known

technical notes

   NONSTANDARD is a comment that means that this portion of the code is
   dependent on non-standard pascal (or graphics) for its function.

   See routine setcolor for a discussion of how colors are converted to a

(* end module describe.dops *)
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