Delila Program: epsclean

epsclean program

Documentation for the epsclean program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 2.09; (* of epsclean.p 1993 January 26}

(* begin module describe.epsclean *)
   epsclean: clean an eps file

   epsclean(input: in, output: out)

   input: eps file from microtex scanner
   output: cleaned eps file ready to print


   1. On the Mac:  scan an image into the mac using the microtex B&W scanner
   software.  Use:
      EPS format
      600 dpi
      2x2 high contrast
      line art

   2. Use the fetch program to move it to Unix with parameters:

   3. On Unix, the file comes over with all control-M's instead of newlines (ie
   instead of ascii 012).  However, if all controm-M's were converted to
   newlines, the image would be wrecked because it apparently contains control

   4. Run the file through this program to make it useable.  This program works
   by finding the second occurance of the word 'dopic'.  Before this point,
   control-M's are converted to ascii 012, after this point they are left alone.
   The first occurance of 'dopic' is the definition of the "do picture" routine
   that defines the image.  The second one calls the routine, so the raw
   data follow that point.



see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

(* end module describe.epsclean *)
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