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fdr program

Documentation for the fdr program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{  version = 1.04; (* of fdr.p 1995 Jan 14 *)}

(* begin module describe.fdr *)
  fdr:  computes best values of sigma/D for f_D(r) fit of real data.

  fdr(histog: in, fdrp:in, outfile: out, output: out)

  histog:  output file from genhis.
  fdrp:  parameter file for fdr.
    sigma,sigmastep (reals): initial value and incremental increase in sigma.
    dim,dimstep (reals): initial value and incremental increase in D.
    temperature (real): Kelvin temperature of system.
  outfile:  writes best value of sigma/D and error in f_D(r) fit.
  output:  sends messages to the user.

              D-1      2       2
             r   exp(-r /2sigma )
  f (r) =  -----------------------
   D                       D D/2-1
           Gamma(D/2) sigma 2

  We compute the values of D, sigma that minimze the least-squares error
  between f_D(r) and the actual data read in from histog.

  See (not yet written )

  See Appendix 3 to TDS's CCMM paper.

see also

  V. Jejjala (

  Unknown but existent (existential bugs, as it were... :-) ).  If you find a
  bug, please forward your discovery to the author.

  The author of this code is in no way responsible for any havoc that this
  program may cause to your computer system, your files, or your reputation.
  Use this program and the data it generates at your own risk.

technical notes
  Use large data sets in histog when possible.

(* end module describe.fdr *)
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