Delila Program: hgraph

hgraph program

Documentation for the hgraph program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.08; (* of hgraph.p 1995 July 27}

(* begin module describe.hgraph *)
   hgraph: make uncertainty (H) graph

   hgraph(input: intty, output: out)

   input: number of divisions
   output: probability versus h for graphing

   Shannon's uncertainty H is calculated for two symbols.   The probabilities
   run from 0 to 1.  The number of divisions from 0 to 1 is given by the input.
   The output can be plotted directly with the xyplo program.


1.0 0.4   zerox zeroy         graph coordinate center
x 0 1     zx min max          (character, real, real) if zx='x' then set xaxis
y 0 1     zy min max          (character, real, real) if zy='y' then set yaxis
10 10 1 1 xinterval yinterval number of intervals on axes to plot
4 4       xwidth    ywidth    width of numbers in characters
1 1       xdecimal  ydecimal  number of decimal places
3 3       xsize     ysize     size of axes in inches
uncertainty, H (bits)
a         zc                  'c' crosshairs, axXyYnN
n 2       zxl base            if zxl='l' then make x axis log to the given base
n 2       zyl base            if zyl='l' then make y axis log to the given base
1 2       xcolumn   ycolumn   columns of xyin that determine plot location
0         symbol column       the xyin column to read symbols from
0  0      xscolumn  yscolumn  columns of xyin that determine the symbol size
0 0 0     hue saturation brightness   columns for color manipulation
          symbol-to-plot      c(circle)bd(dotted box)x+Ifgpr(rectangle)
0         symbol-flag         character in xyin that indicates that this symbol
0.05      symbol sizex        side in inches on the x axis of the symbol.
0.05      symbol sizey        as for the x axis, get size from yscolumn
cl 0.05   no connection (example for connection is c- 0.05 for dashed 0.05 inch)
n  0.05   linetype  size      linetype l.-in and size of dashes or dots

   Figure created by this program (with 100 divisions) is used in

see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider

   none known

(* end module describe.hgraph *)
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