Delila Program: maknam

maknam program

Documentation for the maknam program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.07; (* of maknam.p 1994 sep 5}

(* begin module describe.maknam *)
   maknam: make manual entry names

   maknam(input: in, output: out)

   input: a source code containing one or more modules with names
      of the form ''.  Generally though, the output
      of the makMAN program is used.
   output: The name line of each describe module, which is always assumed to be
      the third line below the '(@ begin module descibe.x' line.  (@ is used
      here instead of * to prevent compilers from complaining.)

   For each module with a name of the form "",
   the third line of that module is copied to the output.
   This generates a file containing the name description of the program.
   (See example line above.)  This program is intended to be used on the
   concatinated output of the makman program, so that
   one can create a manual page that describes each program.

see also

   Thomas D. Schneider

   none known
(* end module describe.maknam *)
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