Delila Program: matmod

matmod program

Documentation for the matmod program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 'matmod 2.08 2016sep20 tds/gds';}

(* begin module describe.matmod *)
      matmod: mathematics modules

      matmod(encseq: in, output: out)

      encseq: empty or the output of the encode program for testing parameter
         reading routines.
      output: the version of matmod is printed.  successful compilation
         and running of the program indicates that the modules are correct.

      Self contained modules for mathematical manipulation.
      Included is a procedure for linear regression analysis of data pairs,
      a random number generator, newton's method to find roots of functions,
      and routines for reading the parameters from the encode program.

see also
      delmod.p, module.p, encode.p

      thomas d. schneider and gary d. stormo

      none known

technical notes

      The constant n in procedure randomtest determines how many times
      the random number generator will be in a series of tests.  If n
      is small, the test will be poor, if it is large then the test
      may take a long time.

(* end module describe.matmod *)
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