Delila Program: mergemarks

mergemarks program

Documentation for the mergemarks program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.32; (* of mergemarks.p 2012 Apr 13}

(* begin module describe.mergemarks *)
   mergemarks: merge lister marks files

   mergemarks(book, marks1, marks2, mergemarksp: in, marksout: out, output: out)

   book: a book from the delila system

   marks1: a marks file for the lister program, corresponding to the book

   marks2: a marks file for the lister program, corresponding to the book

   marksout:  marks1 merged to marks2 in order.

   mergemarksp:  parameters to control the program.  The file must contain the
        following parameters, one per line:

      0. The version number of the program.  This allows the user to be
         warned if an old parameter file is used.

      There are no parameters (yet?).

   output: messages to the user


   The lister program requires a marks file that defines marks in the order
   of the sequence.  This is necessary to allow marks on multiple pieces, but
   it makes it difficult to merge marks together.  The mergemarks program
   will merge two marks files together.

   When two marks have the same position exactly, the marks in marks1 will be
   written first and those in marks2 will overwrite them.  If the marks
   overlap on the lister map, this means that marks2 will be written on top
   of marks1.

   Synchronization of Marks.  The program uses the character 'p' at
   the beginning of a line to indicate that the next piece is to be
   read from the book and that following marks are for that next
   piece.  If you are generating marks by hand, be sure to put 'p'
   between marks for each piece.  Programs like live and delila do
   this automatically so that the marks are synchronized.



1.00  version of shell that this parameter file is designed for.

(Currently this only keeps track of the version number.)


see also
   Example parameter file: mergemarksp
   The program that uses the marks: lister.p
   Programs that make marks that can be merged: live.p, delila.p
   The program that makes features for walkers: scan.p

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

   1999 June 6.  Since lister now can skip ahead to the next piece when a 'p'
   is encountered at the beginning of a marks file line, this program can use
   that to help merge two marks files together.

   The book is used as a guide for the order of the marks relative to each
   other.  Without the book it is not possible to tell which mark should come
   first because the coordinate system is not defined in the marks file.

   WARNING:  the code for decreasing coordinate systems does not always work
   right for marks that are not in integer positions.  Fortunately one can
   always place marks at integer positions and then move them to the right
   spot.  So the current recommendation (2000 Oct 10) is not to use
   non-integer coordinates to place the marks.

(* end module describe.mergemarks *)
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