Delila Program: modlen

modlen program

Documentation for the modlen program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.37; (* of modlen 94 sep 5 *)}

(* begin module describe.modlen *)
      modlen: determine module lengths

      modlen(fin: in, fout: out, modlenp: in, output: out)

      fin: a text file containing modules
      fout: a list of the module names and their lengths
      modlenp: parameters to control modlen.
         if the file is empty, modlen gives a complete list of
         modules and their lengths to fout, and notes those
         longer than 'a certain number of lines' lines to output.
         otherwise the file is expected to contain two integers,
         each at the start of a line.  these are the shortest and
         longest lengths to print to output.
      output: messages to the user and modules with lengths
         determined by modlenp.

      the delila manual consists of module pages.  this tool allows
      you to find out if the pages will fit onto your printer.

see also
      module.p, show.p, break.p

      thomas d. schneider

      none known

technical notes
      'a certain number of lines' is set by the constant defshort.
(* end module describe.modlen *)
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