Delila Program: odti

odti program

Documentation for the odti program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.03; (* of odti.p 1994 sep 5}

(* begin module describe.odti *)
   odti: munch od and time plates together for xyplo

   odti(od: in, time: in, odtime: out, output: out)

   od: a file containing just an od plate from the tk program.
      blank wells are indicated by an '*'.
   time: a file containing times.
      blank wells are indicated by an '*'.
   odtime: the od and time values are spliced together,
      lines beginning with * are copied to output, then
      the time followed by each od are put on lines by themselves.
      this is the form that that the xyplo program can use for

   the od and time plates are fused together for plotting with xyplo.

   tom schneider

see also
   xyplo.p and tk (written in basic)

   does not take full tk output.

(* end module describe.odti *)
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