Delila Program: patlst

patlst program

Documentation for the patlst program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.09;  (* of patlst 1994 sep 5}

(* begin module describe.patlst *)
      patlst:  lister of patlrn output.

      patlst(pattern: in, patout: out, patlstp: in, output: out)

      pattern: the input pattern matrix to be reformatted;  this is the
               output of the program patlrn.
      patout:  the output reformatted pattern matrix.
      patlstp: a parameter file for specifying the pagewidth of the patout
               file;  must contain an integer as the first thing on the first
               line, which specifies the number of matrix elements to be printed

               across a page;  if this file is empty the pagewidth is set to the
               constant 'defpagewidth'.
      output:  for messages to the user.

      patlst takes the output from the patlrn program and reformats the
      pattern matrix to run horizontally across the page. it is broken
      so that it fits neatly on the page.  this is useful for making
      publishable copies of the pattern matrices.

see also
      patlrn.p, patana.p

      gary d. stormo

      none known
(* end module describe.patlst *)
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