Delila Program: pemowe

pemowe program

Documentation for the pemowe program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 2.20; (* of pemowe.p 1993 Jan 19}

(* begin module describe.pemowe *)
      pemowe: peptide molecular weights

      pemowe(book: in, list: out, output: out)

      book: any book from the delila system.  only one weight is given per
         piece in the book.  the first triplet of the piece is the first
         codon translated.
      list: a list of the piece numbers and names in the book, along with
         the molecular weight of the peptide and
         the number of atoms of the peptide for each piece.
      output: messages to the user.

      pemowe is designed to find the molecular weights of polypeptides
      that might be coded by a particular sequence.  it is to be used in
      cases where one knows where a particular peptide is, not when one wants
      the weights of all possible peptides.  one should use delila to
      construct the book.  the calculation of the weights takes into account
      loss of water for each peptide bond formed.  calculation ends at stop
      codons or at the end of the piece.

      sanger et. al., nature 265: 687 (1977) on page 692 gives a list of
      calculated molecular weights from phix174.  these can be used to test
      pemowe, by using the delila instructions expepin.  the largest deviation
      from sanger's numbers is for gene j at 3 percent.

      data is from the crc handbook of chemistry and physics 60th ed, 1980.

      thomas d. schneider

      only one peptide per piece is calculated.  one could write another
      program that predicted peptides (like lister), and generated
      instructions for pulling out those peptides using delila.

(* end module describe.pemowe *)
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