Delila Program: prgmod

prgmod program

Documentation for the prgmod program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 5.85; (* of prgmod.p 2022 Dec 08}

(* begin module describe.prgmod *)
      prgmod: programming modules for the delila system

      prgmod(input: intty, output: out)

      input: interactive file used for testing the program
      output: messages to the user.

      prgmod is a set of generally useful modules for Pascal programming.
      these include procedures for interactive input/output, producing
      bars of numbers for graphs (called 'numbars') and sorting of
      arrays with a very fast algorithm.

         Successful compilation and running of the program indicates
      that the modules are correct.  the program is interactive, so
      to test the modules, follow the instructions prgmods provides.

see also
      delmod.p, module.p, alist.p (uses numbar), index.p (uses quicksort)

      Thomas D. Schneider

      none known

technical notes
      the interactive routines may have to be changed when the program
      is transported.

(* end module describe.prgmod *)
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