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rnclean program

Documentation for the rnclean program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.04; (* of rnclean.p 1994 July 2}

(* begin module describe.rnclean *)
   rnclean: clean a .newsrc file

   rnclean(rnin: in, rncleanp: in, rnout: out, output: out)

   rnin:  a .newsrc file to be cleaned
   rncleanp:  parameters to control rnclean.
     If the first line of the file contains the character 'w', the
     highest read article number will be wiped to 1.  This clears
     the newsrc file.
   rnout:  a cleaned .newsrc file
   output: messages to the user

   Abstract: The news reader program rn uses a file to keep track of articles
   read.  Unfortunately the lines in the file get so long eventually that the
   file cannot be read in by the vi editor.  This prevents one from turning on
   and off groups by hand.  The rnclean program cleans the .newsrc file given
   in rnin, and puts the result into rnout.

   This small tool might be widely useful, and save space.  I sometimes want to
   subscribe or unsubscribe to news groups quickly.  The news reader rn makes
   this difficult.  Instead, I edit my ~/.newsrc file, which has many lines
   that look like this: 1-2273

   The ":" means I am subscribed to that group.  A "!" means that I am not.
   Following this is a list of the groups that I have read and that the news
   reader has seen.  Unfortunately this list gets extremely long and after a
   while it is so long that the vi editor won't allow the lines.  Besides, it's
   a waste of space.  So I wrote a unix script (rntidy) that calls a small
   Pascal program (rnclean.p) which cleans up the list.  They are both
   available by anonymous ftp from in pub/delila.

   The rntidy script is:

   #!/bin/csh -f
   #(ie run the cshell on this but don't read the .cshrc)

   # rntidy:  tidy up your ~/.newsrc file

   cp .newsrc .newsrc.old
   mv .newsrc /tmp/rnin
   cd /tmp
   mv rnout ~/.newsrc
   rm -f rnin



see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

(* end module describe.rnclean *)
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