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rndseq program

Documentation for the rndseq program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.13; (* of rndseq.p 2001 Nov 19}

(* begin module describe.rndseq *)
      rndseq: generate random dna sequences

      rndseq(sequ: out, rndseqp: in, output: out)

      sequ: the random sequence
      rndseqp: parameters to control the generation of the sequence,
         on 4 lines:
         number (integer): the number of sequences to generate;
         length (integer): the length of each sequence;
         a c g t (4 integers): the proportions of bases desired;
         seed (real): a number between 0 and 1 is the starting seed
            for the random number generator.  a number outside
            this range indicates that the date and time should
            be used.  the date and time 83/10/17 20:15:32
            makes a seed of 0.235102710138.  the date-time
            is used backwards to assure that 1) the seed is
            always unique, and 2) it varies rapidly with time.
      output: messages to the user.

      rndseq creates randomly generated dna sequences, separated
      by periods.  the number, length and composition of the sequences
      are all specified by the user.  the user can also set the
      start point (seed) of the pseudo-random number generator.  if the
      same seed is given at a later time, then the same series of
      bases will be produced.  alternatively, the user can have the
      program use the current date and time to create a unique seed.

      5       number of sequences
      100     length of each sequence in base pairs
      1 1 1 1 ratios of a, c, g, t
      2       random generator seed: 0 to 1; outside this: inverse date/time

see also

      example parameter file: rndseqp
      Random DNA with composition control: markov.p

      Thomas Dana Schneider

      none known

technical notes
      the number of characters per line is set by constant linelength.
(* end module describe.rndseq *)
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