Delila Program: short

short program

Documentation for the short program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.01; (* of short 1985 may 30}

(* begin module describe.short *)
      short: find locations of short lines in a file

      short(fin: in, fout: out, shortp: in, output: out)

      fin: the file to be analyzed
      fout: a list of lines that are short.
      shortp: a parameter to determine what 'short' means.
         this is one integer.  lines of this length or shorter
         will be reported to fout.
      output: messages to the user

      database programs that scan a line and assume that there are
      a certain number of characters on the line will lose track of
      the correct location if the line is shorter than they expect.
      this has happened with delila and dbcat.  the short program
      scans a file for lines shorter than a given length and
      lists them in the fout file.  the purpose of the program is
      to help debug database programs.

      thomas schneider

      none known
(* end module describe.short *)
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