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sortbibtex program

Documentation for the sortbibtex program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 2.29; (* of sortbibtex.p 2007 Jun 14}

(* begin module describe.sortbibtex *)
   sortbibtex: sort a bibtex database

   sortbibtex(fin: in, sortbibtexp: in, fout: out, output: out)

   fin: a bibtex database
      Each entry is identified by the '@' symbol; all other lines are
      ignored.  This means that if you have blanks on lines between entries,
      the entries will be fused together.  To avoid this, pass the database
      through the rembla program first.

   sortbibtexp: parameters to control the program.  The file must contain the
        following parameters, one per line:

      The version number of the program.  This allows the user to be
         warned if an old parameter file is used.

      sortcontrol: the first character on the line controls the sorting.
         k(ey): sort on key
         y(ear): sort on year
         r(everse year): sort on year in reverse order

      numbered: if the first character is 'n', number the entries in
         increasing year order.

      removeduplicates: if the first character is 'r', remove duplicate
         entries.  If two entries are not the same data will be lost.

   fout: bibtex database sorted by the key

   output: messages to the user, including errors in the
      structure of the database and duplicate entries.


   Sort a BibTeX database by the citation keys.

   If you want to collect unverified or incomplete references in a raw
   database as BiBTeX format, you can replace the "@" of an entry with
   a "#".  Sortbibtex will drop these entries, giving a functional


   example of sortbibtexp:

2.14  version of sortbibtex that this parameter file is designed for.
y     sortcontrol: k(ey), y(ear), r(everse year)
n     numbered: n means number


see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider

   Entries are defined by blank lines.  Use rembla to make sure that
   there are no extra spaces on the ends of lines.

technical notes

(* end module describe.sortbibtex *)
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