Delila Program: sorth

sorth program

Documentation for the sorth program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 2.42; (* of sorth.p 1995 July 26}

(* begin module describe.sorth *)
      sorth: sort helix list

      sorth(hlist: in, shlist: out, list: out, sorthp: in, output: out)

      hlist: a list of helixes generated from program helix.
      shlist: a list of helixes, where the longest or strongest helix
         has been chosen from each piece to piece comparison ('set').
      list: progress of the program.
      sorthp: parameters to control the program.
         1. characters on the first line of the file determine the priority
         order for sorting the helixes.  all commands must end with 'a' to
         indicate 'ambiguous'.  the commands are:
            ea - sort on energies (see technical notes)
            la - sort on lengths (see technical notes)
            ela - sort first on energies then on lengths.
            lea - sort first on lengths then on energies.
         2. the second line of the file must contain one integer,
         'top'.  up to 'top' of the strongest helixes will be
         written to shlist. if 'top' = 1, then any set of helixes that are
         ambiguous are not copied to the shlist.  this allows
         one to find the strongest unambiguous helix in each set.
         3. the third line is the minimum length or maximum energy
         of helixes to be sorted.
      output: messages to the user.

      the strongest helixes in hlist are sorted and copied to shlist.
      the user can sort on energy, length, energy then length, or
      length then energy.  the user may chose more than one helix
      to be output (eg, the top 10).

see also

      thomas dana schneider

      none known

technical notes
      when only one variable is sorted on, the order of the other
      variable will not be meaningful because it is determined by
      the way the sort algorithm works.
      the constant 'maxhelix' determines the maximum number of
      helixes that can be sorted.
(* end module describe.sorth *)
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