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swt program

Documentation for the swt program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.00; (* of swt.p 1998 mar 16}

(* begin module describe.swt *)
   swt: switch test for I information computation

   swt(swtp: in, list: out, output: out)

   list:  multiple line detailed description of file 2, etc

   swtp:  parameters to control the program.  The file must contain the
      following parameters, one per line:

      parameterversion: The version number of the program.  This allows the
         user to be warned if an old parameter file is used.

   output: messages to the user


   Test whether Iab+Ibc = Iac+Icb.  The fact that they differ shows that this
method of computing "information" is sensitive to the order of tests, even
though the final results are the same.


swt 1.00
 pa =    0.50000
 pb =    0.40000
 pc =    0.30000

For a->b->c we have:
Iab = sum pb log pb/pa
Ibc = sum pc log pc/pb
iab + ibc =    0.06021 "bits"

For a->c->b we have:
Iac = sum pc log pc/pa
Icb = sum pb log pb/pc
iac + icb =    0.15129 "bits"


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title = "Theory of Molecular Machines.
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see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

(* end module describe.swt *)
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