Delila Program: test

test program

Documentation for the test program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.02; (* of test.p 2000 Mar 13}

(* begin module describe.test *)
   test: a test program

   test(output: out)

   output: messages to the user


   This is a simple test program to see that one can compile and run a Pascal
   program.  If you can get this program to say 'Hello there!', then your
   compiler is at least running.  If you CAN'T do this, then you can't
   proceed with transporting any other Delila programs.



see also

  Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
  Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
  permanent email:


technical notes

  Under a Unix operating system there can be a Unix program called 'test'.
  If so, and if you do not have your path set to pass through your current
  directory, then when you run this program nothing will happen.  To see if
  this is the case, try:

     which test

  If you get something like


  that's the problem.  To force unix to use the file in the current
  directory, try this:


  Finally, to fix the problem so that you always use the current
  directory, add this to your ~/.cshrc file:

     set path = (. $path)

(* end module describe.test *)
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