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worcha program

Documentation for the worcha program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 2.57; (* of worcha.p 2003 Nov 17}

(* begin module describe.worcha *)
      worcha: word changing program

      worcha(fin: in, fout: out, worchap: in, output: out)

      fin:     the file in which words need to be changed to other words.
      fout:    the file where the copy of fin with the words changed is written.
      worchap: the parameter file containing the words that need to
               be replaced and their replacements.  Worchap must be
               constructed as follows:

               a word that needs to be changed is on the first line, the
               following line contains the replacement word,
                  next line:  word to be replaced,
                  following line: replacement word,
               and so on....etc.

               so, the odd numbered lines, (1,3,5....), have the words
               from fin that will be replaced, and the even numbered
               lines, (2,4,6...), contain the replacement words.
      output:  where error messages will appear.

      This program was designed to go through a pascal program and
      locate and replace 'words', (pascal identifiers).

         Worcha will sort through a file and look for the words that need to be
      changed, ignoring comments and both single and double quotes.  Upon
      finding the old words, worcha will substitute the specified new words from
      worchap when copying the input file onto the specified output file.  As
      many words as necessary may be changed at one time.  Worcha produces a
      list of the changes within a comment at the end of the fout file.


      Patrick R. Roche

      The program will yell if word length is greater than or equal to

technical notes
      Worcha uses linked-lists for storing the words to be changed and their
      replacements.  Thus as many words as desired may be changed at one time.

(* end module describe.worcha *)
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