Delila Program: wwlow

wwlow program

Documentation for the wwlow program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.01; (* of wwlow.p 2002 July 10}

(* begin module describe.wwlow *)
   wwlow: word wrap, low order ASCII

   wwlow(input: in, output: out)

   input:  text to be wrapped
   output: wrapped text


   This Pascal program takes ASCII text and filters it.  Lines longer than
the constant maxline are altered by replacing the first space after position
maxline with a carriage return.  This has the effect of wrapping the lines
between 'words'.

   Like the ww program, this program wraps, but it drops all ASCII characters
that are not in the range 32 (space) to 126 (~).  This is useful for cleaning
up wordY or wordIMperfekt files.



see also
   word wrap program that does not filter: ww.p

   Thomas Dana Schneider

   The constant maxline is fixed at compile time, of course.

(* end module describe.wwlow *)
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