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From Wed Jan 29 14:33:09 2003
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:33:00 EST
Subject: Your Web Site Has Been Recognized!
Hello and congratulations!

Your Web site, "Molecular Information Theory and the Theory of Molecular Machines," is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science" (, dead link) - the Web science exploration site of The Scientium ( "Molecular Information Theory and the Theory of Molecular Machines" is also being honored with prominent display as a select site at (dead link) in the categories: Student Resource, Technology, Exploration and Reference, Chemistry, Biology & Evolution.

Sites receiving this award are distinguished by the quality of their content alone. A flashy Web site will not receive this award if its content lacks interest and integrity. A simple Web site will receive this award if it serves the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment. This award doesn't go to "cool" sites. It goes to the great sites. It's not a daily or weekly award, but an award based on presence, here and now. It is given in gratitude, with no other request but that you keep doing what you're doing.

As a recipient of the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence on the World-Wide Web, there are several award images which are freely available for display at your site if you choose to use them. The award images are of varying sizes and are in both the GIF and JPG format. Award images are located at (dead link)

You're under no obligation to do so, but it would be gratifying for you to include a link back to the Web World of Science from the award image. The URL to use for this link is: (dead link)

A heartfelt thank you for enriching the time we spend on the World-Wide Web.

- Dr. Matrix - (dead address)
(AKA Bruce Bowden, (dead address)
Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science: (dead link)

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