Pictures of Tom Schneider

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Small Pictures

Tom Schneider, Feb 24, 1995 Feb 24, 1995

Tom Schneider, 1995 1995

Tom Schneider, 1997 1997

Big Pictures

NIH official photo. Photo by Bill Branson 11/95

NIH official photo cropped

The Lizard

Tom Schneider with Terran Engle and a lizard we caught. Note that the blue under the neck of the lizard matches my headband! Photo by Linda Engle in the Utah desert, summer 1997. (Warning: huge file: 7389788 bytes)

Tom Schneider with Terran Engle and a lizard we caught made black and white by taking only the red channel. (Warning: huge file: 4099500 bytes)

Small versions:

Other Pictures

Sketch of Tom Schneider in scuba gear by Nino Falanga
1967 at The `Worlds Fair' Expo67. The sketch was drawn by Nino Falanga

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Schneider Lab

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