Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6
ribs. A man sits at a table holding a knife and fork and
staring puzzled and angrily at a plate that has a lambda
phage on it.

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An NIH Special Interest Group.

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Thread-Topic: Webex meeting invitation: SPECIAL TUESDAY LAMBDA LUNCH: Rotem
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2023 16:33:41 +0000
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From: "Gottesman, Susan (NIH/NCI) [E]" gottesms@MAIL.NIH.GOV
Subject: Webex meeting invitation: SPECIAL TUESDAY LAMBDA LUNCH: Rotem Sorek Bacteria-phage interactions: Learning from non-model organisms
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Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 1:46 PM
To: "Gottesman, Susan (NIH/NCI) [E]" gottesms@mail.nih.gov
Subject: Webex meeting invitation: SPECIAL TUESDAY LAMBDA LUNCH: Rotem Sore=

NOTE: TUESDAY, HYBRID LAMBDA LUNCH, 2^nd floor conference room, bldg..
37. No Thursday lambda lunch this week.

1/24/23: 11:00 AM, Bldg. 37, Rm. 2041/2107  SPECIAL TUESDAY LAMBDA
LUNCH: Rotem Sorek (Weizmann Inst.) "Bacteria-phage interactions:
Learning from non-model organisms." (hybrid)(S. Gottesman, G. Storz)

1/25/23: 2 PM: BLdg. 10, Lipsett Auditorium, WALS:  Rotem Sorek
(Weizmann Inst.)"The Immune System of Bacteria: Beyond CRISPR".
(hybrid).   [1]https://videocast.nih.gov/watch=46056.

2/2/23*: Peter Chien (U. Mass, Amherst) "Regulated proteolysis and
protein quality control in bacteria".

2/9/23*: Fabrice Jean-Pierre (O'Toole lab, Dartmouth) (Stefan
Katharios-Lanwermeyer )

2/14/23: 10AM, Alice Cheng (Stadtman candidate, from Fischbach lab,
Stanford) "Design, Validation and Application of a Complex Synthetic
Microbial Community" (link to be sent later).

2/16/23*: John Dekker (NIAID) "Hypermutation-driven evolution of
gram-negative bacterial pathogens in clinical infections".

3/9/23*: Alexander Mankin (U. Illinois, Chicago) (G. Storz)

3/16/3*: Yuri Wolf (NCBI): "Evolution of large scale chromosome
structure in bacterial and archaea"

3/23/23*: Sergey Shmakov (NCBI) "CRISPR-like RNAs regulate expression
of cas genes."

3/30/23*: Ryan Bell (Koonin group, NCBI) "Type IV
restriction-modification systems - so much more than meets the eye"

5/11/23*: Heather Feaga (Cornell) (T. Zarrella)

5/18/23*: Enrique Roja (NYU) "Mechanical control of bacterial cell

(K. Ramamurthi).

*Regular lambda lunch at 11:00 AM (Eastern Time) in Bldg 37, Rm
6107/6041.  We will also arrange for these to be available on Webex,
with links sent out each week. To schedule seminars, contact
<[2]mailto:Gottesms@mail.nih.gov >Susan Gottesman or Gisela Storz
([3]storzg@mail.nih.gov). To meet with an outside speaker, contact the
person whose name is in parentheses.  If you're at NIH you can join the
mailing list in either of the following ways.  (1) Send the message
"SUBSCRIBE LAMBDA_LUNCH-L 'your name'" from the computer where you
usually receive mail to
'your name' by your first and last names; or (2) go
to [6]http://list.nih.gov/, browse the lists to find Lambda_Lunch-L,
and follow the instructions.  If you're not at NIH,
contact [7]Gottesms@mail.nih.gov. Susan Gottesman. This schedule is
also available at [8]https://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/lambda.html.

        *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

      Bldg 37, Rm 5132                        Lab:  240-760-7843

                         37 Convent Drive, NIH

                          Bethesda, MD 20892

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From: Susan Gottesman 
Reply-To: "Gottesman, Susan (NIH/NCI) [E]" 
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 1:46 PM
To: "Gottesman, Susan (NIH/NCI) [E]" 
Subject: Webex meeting invitation: SPECIAL TUESDAY LAMBDA LUNCH: Rotem
Sorek Bacteria-phage interactions: Learning from non-model organisms

Susan Gottesman is inviting you to a scheduled Webex meeting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

11:00 AM  |  (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)  |  1 hr

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1. https://videocast.nih.gov/watch=46056
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6. http://list.nih.gov/
7. mailto:susang@helix.nih.gov
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