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schneider2006: Twenty years of Delila
and molecular information theory

author = "T. D. Schneider",
title = "{Twenty Years of Delila and Molecular Information Theory: The
Altenberg-Austin Workshop in Theoretical Biology Biological
Information, Beyond Metaphor: Causality, Explanation, and Unification
Altenberg, Austria, 11-14 July 2002}",
journal = "Biol. Theory",
volume = "1",
pages = "250--260",
pmid = "18084638",
pmcid = "PMC2139980",
note = "\htmladdnormallink
year = "2006"}

This paper is from a Workshop that was held in Altenberg, Austria - near Vienna - in the summer of 2002. Werner Callebaut and John Collier editors. Thematic issue called Biological Information.

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origin:    2002 May 22
updated: 2023 Mar 03

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