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Nucleic Acids Research
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baseflip: Strong Minor Groove Base Conservation in Sequence Logos implies DNA Distortion or Base Flipping during Replication and Transcription Initiation

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The 4 basepairs of DNA. Cover of Nucleic Acids Research, December 2001

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Tom Schneider

2006 Aug 4
Genome-wide identification of replication origins in yeast by comparative genomics Conrad A. Nieduszynski, Yvonne Knox and Anne D. Donaldson GENES & DEVELOPMENT 20:1874-1879, 2006.
They used sequence logos to analyze replication origins. Their results are similar to figure 5D.
2003 Jan 17: The LaTeX source for this paper is available as a template for others who would like to use the powerful free typesetting language LaTeX with Nucleic Acids Research. This is not a complete functional example, as I have not put the bibliography database, style files or figures there. Maybe someday.

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