Fur Region Lister Maps

M. Zheng, B. Doan, T. D. Schneider, and G. Storz, OxyR and SoxRS Regulation of fur, J. Bact., 181 (15): 4639-4643. (Pubmed)

Detailed lister maps of the fldA/fur region are given on this page. They include sequence walkers for OxyR, ribosome binding sites and CRP sites. This page is at https://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/oxyrfur.

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The figure used in the paper is:
Figure 1 of Sequences of fur and fldA promoter regions
showing the end of the fldA gene and the start of the fur
gene coding regions.  The two starts of the fur transcripts
are shown.  the center of a predicted 14.5 bit sequence
walker for OxyR appears about 60 base pairs upstream of the
transcript starts.  DNase I footprinting covers the
sequence walker exactly, demonstrating that the predicted
OxyR control of fur is indeed present.

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origin: 1999 March 30
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