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Information Theory Primer in Italian

Simone Baldi, a student in Computer Sciences at Milano State University has translated Tom Schneider's Information Theory Primer into Italian.

Simone Baldi with his father Roberto Baldi.
Simone Baldi (seated) with his father Roberto Baldi at a chalet located in a very little town called Champorcher in the Valle d'Aosta region on the North-West of the Italian Alps.

Simone Baldi
via L.B. Alberti 8/d,
20092 Cinisello Balsamo
Milano, Italy

1996 Feb 29: received original doc file.

2002 Oct 10: Venky Nandagopal (venky@socrates.Berkeley.EDU) was kind enough to convert the file to pdf and ps: primer-nandagopal.pdf

2004 March 15: Escape from Microsoft at last! In 2003 Oct 11 I made a version of the primer in format: PRIMER.sxw.

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origin:    before: 1996 April 2
updated: 2011 Aug 23

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