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Nucleic Acids Research
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repan3: The P1 Phage Replication Protein RepA Contacts an Otherwise Inaccessible Thymine N3 Proton by DNA Distortion or Base Flipping

2001 Jan 17: When the repan3 paper first came out, I (Tom Schneider) noticed on the largest version of the gel mobility shift assay (gmsa) figure at
that two lanes, 15 and 26 were identical but flipped over! (see Figure 3) Ilya Lyakhov confirmed that this was the case. He has now determined why. In the original gel the lanes have the same extraneous marks and were almost undistinguishable, so he accidently picked the wrong one for lane 26.

2002 June 4: The corrected figure is available as:

This correction does not change any results of the paper.

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