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schneider1986: Information Content of Binding Sites

author = "T. D. Schneider
 and G. D. Stormo
 and L. Gold
 and A. Ehrenfeucht",
title = "Information content of binding sites on nucleotide sequences",
journal = "J. Mol. Biol.",
volume = "188",
pages = "415--431",
pmid = "3525846",
note = "\htmladdnormallink
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This paper was a revision of the 1984 PhD thesis of Thomas D. Schneider. The main difference is that an appendix on information theory was removed. That material survives, however, in the Primer on Information theory. If this is your first visit to this site, you may want to read the primer first.

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construction This paper is being converted from the original troff into LaTeX, so that it can then be converted to HTML. The references need to be put into bibtex so that they become hyperlinked. Many figures are still needed, the equations need to be checked, and the text needs to be combed for errors. You can also obtain the paper from your library.

Information Content of Binding Sites (PUBMED link)

Information Content of Binding Sites (html version)

Information Content of Binding Sites (PostScript version)

Information Content of Binding Sites (PDF version)

FIGURES 3 TO 10 This directory contains *everything* I did - using Delila system tools - to recreate the figures. They are not exactly identical to the originals for various reasons. For example, there are more sequences used to generate the ArgR figure and the positions and exact forms of labels are not the same. Figure 9 does not have the marks for the symmetry and the transcriptional start. But the basic data are there. The files for the figures are * - postscript files that are the output of the rsgra program. It is the same rsgra as I used originally, though it has passed through many computer systems since then. (It is a nice lesson on using standards and stable code!)

Supplementary Data

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