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(d) Programs and Computers

All programs used for analyses were written in Pascal (Jensen and Wirth, 1978; Schneider et al., 1982, 1984). The major programs used were:

Name  $\sim 4 \times 10^9$
Version Purpose 

CalHnb 2.15 \rotatebox{0}{\scalebox{1.00}{\includegraphics*{selflogo.ps}}}

Rseq 4.46 \rotatebox{0}{\scalebox{0.90}{\includegraphics*{fismodels.ps}}}

RsGra 2.45 \rotatebox{-90}{\resizebox{!}{\textwidth}{\includegraphics*{overlap.ps}}}

Most work was performed on a CDC Cyber 170/720 computer. Figures were generated on a CDC 280/284 microfilm recorder.

Tom Schneider