Translating and Compiling Delila Programs with P2C

The Delila programs can be automatically translated to C using David Gillespie's p2c translater. They then can be compiled by the gcc compiler.

Any program that uses the getdatetime routine to stamp output with the date and time must have the correct version of that routine. You must replace the time package with the correct one.

Archive of Delila programs.

To translate

To compile

Script for Translation and Compilation

Translation from Pascal and compilation can be conveniently done by the tc conversion script, which uses the gcc C compiler. For translation you will need a p2crc file. The test program to use for this is test.p.

Run Time Problems


If you try p2c and it works or if you have trouble compiling, please email me.

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origin: 1999 April 30
updated: 2020 Oct 01
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