Compiling Delila Programs with the Sun Microsystems Compiler

The Delila programs can be compiled using the Sun Microsystems compiler Pascal 4.0 release for Solaris 2.x, a Unix operating system. I use this compiler all the time and it is very stable and produces good fast code. Because the programs evolved most recently on Sun Microsystem computers they are easiest to compile there. This is the form of the programs in the archive of Delila programs. If you are on a Sun, you are ready to compile! Because of this it is not necessary to replace the date/time modules when using this compiler, but the link is provided here in case you would like to know about this.

Script for Compilation

A shell script that compiles with the right flags for Delila programs is pc. A debugging version, pb, is also available.

Run Time Problems

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origin: 2000 July 24
updated: 2003 Mar 11
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