Patents by Thomas Schneider

  1. Method and Apparatus for Producing an Image of a person's Face at a Different Age. Nancy Burson and Thomas D. Schneider, United States Patent 4276570, 1981.
    Image of Craig A.  Finseth in about 1978. Image of Craig A.  Finseth in about 1978 modified to
make him appear older.
    These images are of Craig A. Finseth (  who wrote the code to do the aging process.

    sequence walker for human donor splice junctions

  1. Sequence Walkers. United States Patent 5867402 issued 1999 Feburary 2: Computational analysis of nucleic acid information defines binding sites, by Thomas D. Schneider and Peter K. Rogan. This technology is now available WITHOUT a license.

    Nanotechnology (Nanobiotechnology)

    The bottle, a story about nanotechnology

    Summary of Nanotechnolgy Patents (PDF)

    Molecular computer circuit diagram for a NOR gate made
from one repressor protein blocking two different activator

  1. Molecular Computing by Thomas D. Schneider and Paul N. Hengen. United States Patent 6,774,222, European patent 1057118.

    nanotechnology: molecular rotating engine

  1. Molecular Rotation Engine by Thomas D. Schneider. Australian Patent No. 784085. U.S. Patent 7,349,834, 2008.

    right handed DNA molecule with striped atoms that looks
like delicious candy

  1. High Speed Parallel Molecular Nucleic Acid Sequencing by Thomas D. Schneider and Denise Rubens. Patent 6,982,146.

    nanotechnology: Medusa(TM) Sequencer

  1. MedusaTM Sequencing by Thomas D. Schneider, Ilya Lyakhov and Danielle Needle. European Patent 1960550, US Patent No. 7,871,777, Issued 18 Jan 2011.

    nanotechnology: Rod-Tether Nanoprobe

  1. Rod-Tether Nanoprobes by Ilya Lyakhov, Thomas D. Schneider and Danielle Needle.

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