John R. Pierce
4008 El Cerrito Road
Palo Alto CA 94306
April 14, 1999

Frederick Cancer Research
      and Development Center
Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
Building 469, Room 144
P 0 Box B
Frederick MD 21702-1201

Dear Tom:

I am delighted to know you found my 1951 talk "Creative Thinking"
interesting. My regards to your father and my thanks for providing a copy
of a talk I had forgotten about. On reading the copy that you sent, I find
that the ideas expressed then pretty much represent my present views on
creative thinking.

I would be honored and pleased to have you put it on the web with no
restraints or copyright reservations.


John R. Pierce


Your letter "made" John's day, mine too!
Thank You
Brenda Woodward-Pierce