Directions to GMU Science and Tecnnology Building 1

To get to GMU from the Beltway, you have 2 choices: 66W to 123S or Braddock Rd West to campus. I always use the second way, since the traffic on 123 can be horrible.

So take the Beltway all the way around to the Braddock Road exit, and stay in the left lane to continue going West. After around 6 miles you will come to Roberts Road which crosses Braddock Road. This means you are getting close.

There will be an offset lane on the right shortly thereafter called Roanoke Lane with an associated sign indicating this as an entrance to GMU campus. I believe that there is one other entrance to GMU just before this one, but Roanoke Lane leads you more directly to the visitors' parking deck. If you get to Old Ox Road (Route 123) You went a little too far. The best way to recover is to go right on 123, and take whatever entrance you can into GMU campus. Then ask directions or follow signs for the visitors' parking deck.

Inside GMU campus, there is a road called Patriot Circle which is like a mini-Beltway. Once on Roanoke Lane, continue straight noticing Parking Lot K on your left and Patriot Center on you right. Right around this point, the road splits. Bear right which takes you onto Patriot Circle going counterclockwise (East)). You will soon notice the Pond on your left Shortly after the Pond make a left onto Mason Drive amd the Parking Deck will be on your right. Park there. Then look for signs or ask directions for ST1 (Science and Tecnnology Building 1). The seminar is in room 206 ST1.

These instructions are from Barry Zeeberg.

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origin: 1998 September 27
updated: 1998 September 27