Review of Tillman.Russel1961

Thomas D. Schneider

On this page I report errors I found in:

@article {Tillman.Russel1961,
author = "F. Tillman
 and B. R. Roswell",
title = "Information and entropy",
journal = "Synthese",
publisher = "Springer Netherlands",
issn = "0039-7857",
pages = "233--241",
volume = "13",
issue = "3",
url = "",
note = "10.1007/BF00489885",
comment = "Terrible paper, full of errors:
H = information, etc",
year = "1961"}

History. A friend, Ivan Erill cited the above paper in one of his nicely written documents about information theory. Upon reading Tillman.Russel1961 I found many of the errors listed on my page Pitfalls in Information Theory and Molecular Information Theory. Ivan asked that I post the list. If a person falls into even one of the pitfalls, they cannot get to the rest of the theory. Comments/corrections and discussion?

Conclusion. This paper is a great example of pitfalls in Molecular Information Theory.

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