This text is in the images directory. It is the primary figure legend.

This text is from the current (".") directory. It contains the second legend AND it controls the background. In addition, it demonstrates an:


By using a thin color bar at the top, this page gives just html in the figure legend.

One may put anything one wants on such a page, such as images:

How to Control Page Parameters

The color commands are inside an html comment which looks like this:

Set the colors of background and links.
SlideShow: bgcolor yellow
SlideShow: text blue
SlideShow: link red
SlideShow: vlink #FF00FF
SlideShow: alink blue

More details are in the usage information that is printed if you run the showscript command without any parameters.

NOTE BENE: If you decide to put white text on a background, it may look cool BUT it will not print on a printer since (usually) the background is not printed and you will get white on white.

This is an unfollowed and unfollowable link so its color is different from the others.

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