Splice Junction Analysis Service

sequence walker Jim Ellis (DHHS/NIH/OD/ORS/DBEPS, jrellis@helix.nih.gov, voice: 301-496-4472, fax: 301-480-1242, Bldg. 13, Rm 3E-49, NIH directory entry) has set up Tom Schneider's Delila programs to do splice junction analyses for scientists at NIH (P. K. Rogan, B. M. Faux and T. D. Schneider, Information analysis of human splice site mutations Human Mutation 12(3): 153-171 (1998).) Published or unpublished sequence data can be used but it is most efficient to start with GenBank flat file format. Mutations are expressed in a precise computer language called Delila.

Dr. Ellis also does analyses as collaborations with people outside NIH if he has time.

Dr. Ellis can begin the analysis if he has:

  1. The sequence, in decreasing order of preference as: and
  2. The exact sequence change(s).

Sequences and delila instructions can be given to Jim on a floppy disk or by email.



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Schneider Lab

origin: 1999 Apr 30
updated: 2011 Jun 27
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