The The The Page

Have you ever been bugged by
by duplicate words that just happen
happen to be at the end of one line
line but when you reformat they show up?

Well, you need TheThe! This little C program finds those buggy
buggy words and and tells tells you about about them them. For further information see here.

And And then then you you could could listen listen to to the the the the The The Band Band.

new as of 2002 Nov 13. Keith Briggs (work url or private url) has written new incredibly tiny and tight versions in Perl and Python Unfortunately, neither of these report the line number, which means they are hard to use on large files. Keith says: "It would be possible to report the line number but not with a 2-line program. We would have to revert to searching line by line, remembering the last word in each line and checking it against the first word of the next. I leave that as a homework exercise."

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origin: 1995 July 12
updated: 2002 Nov 14
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