Using LaTeX in the Schneider Lab

  1. Go to the directory you want to start work in:
    cd mypaper
  2. start the paper:
    startpaper mypaper
    The startpaper script is specialized for our lab. It sets up links to a trash directory (script mkold makes directory old), to a database of references (all.bib), to a set of standard definitions (definitions.tex), to a link for conversion to html lkdelila html.sty. Then it adds the file example.tex as a boiler plate for starting work in LaTeX.

  3. Now run latex once:
  4. In a right type window start atchange on the paper:
    This will start the xdvi program running, it will be updated when the mypaper.tex file changes.

  5. In a left type window you can edit the file mypaper.tex. To see your changes write the file out (:w or "," if you are set up correctly).

  6. The l script also creates a file which you can send to any postscript printer.

See the page on atchange for more information about how this works and pointers to these scripts.

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Schneider Lab

origin: 1999 February 16
updated: 1999 February 16
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