The <B>vh</B> script

The vh shell script

I wrote a script that starts vi on an html, called vh. You use it just like vi by typing:
vh myfilename
vh will point Netscape to 'myfilename' and then run vi on 'myfilename.html'. If myfilename.html does not exist, vh will create a small starter html for you. (vh might stand for vim html, or then again, it might stand for Voila Haemer!)

By the way, you'll need toprightclosed, or a shell script that makes a top right hand window, to run the atchange in. The window starts iconified in the topright corner of the screen so it is out of the way. (topright would also work, but it isn't iconified and so gets in the way.)

Bugs and other confusions:

Jeff Haemer has taken the idea of vh and made a better script called eh that solves all these problems and does not require external windows. See the atchange page for current information.

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