Logos and Walkers

Cover of Nucleic Acids Research November 1997 showing
sequence logos for human donor and acceptor splice junction
sites above 5 example sequence walkers for each splice
junction. Sequence logos and walkers. At the top of the figure sequence logos for human donor and acceptor sites depict the DNA sequence conservation by stacks of letters. Within each stack, the height of each letter is proportional to the base frequency at that position in the binding site. The height of each stack is the sequence conservation in bits of information. Below the sequence logos five examples of individual binding sites are shown as walkers. The height of each letter shows its contribution to the average sequence conservation in the sequence logo on the top. This figure was the cover of Nucleic Acids Research Volume 25, Issue 21, 1997. (However, NAR lost the cover image!)

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origin:    1998 January 1
updated: 2017 Oct 31

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