Direct your browser to a paper by typing just the
Year, Volume and Page!

usage: yvp [year] [volume] [page]
       yvp        [volume] [page]
       yvp [year] [volume] [page] [another key]

Find an article with given year/volume/page in PubMed by setting your mozilla-type browser to it.


yvp 1986 188 415
on the Unix command line generates the following URL and sends my browser to it:
That's my PhD publication!

This is amazingly effective! Often it picks out the exact reference. When there are several, it's never more than 3 to 5 and the one one wants is obvious because the others are generally about a completely different subject.

If for some reason you cannot get your browser to go to the page, the last line given by yvp is the URL. You can capture it with:

   yvp $year $volume $page | tail -1
and put it into an html page you generate. Book mark that page and you can click through to the PubMed entry.


Requirements to get a bibtex reference automatically created:

Programs that use yvp:

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