The Right Handed DNA
Hall of Fame

This page is devoted to artistic pictures of Right Handed DNA. As shown in the figures to the left and right, most DNA twists as a "right-hand screw". This is the same direction as a regular wood or metal screw. See the Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame too!
(Thanks to Eric Putz at my alma mater CU's MCDB for permission to use the rotating DNA.)


  1. The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Rat Mapping Resources
    Suggested by Michael James ( 1998 November 21


    permission granted for image

  2. Children's DNA (formerly at now a broken link) by Paul Theissan. This image is posted with permission. This image is posted with permission.


    permission granted for image

  3. Drip Mat Challenge! at The Pub Understanding of Science. The mat, below, is reproduced by permission from David walker ( It was illustrated by Mic Rolph.

    permission granted for image

  4. Invitrogen has succeeded in producing right handed DNA music! (Nature 3 May 2001, no 6833, p. vii) new as of 2001 May 8

  5. Yale BioInfo has a puzzle for you! Look at their image, then click on it. new as of 2001 June 29. (Thanks to Lakshmanan K. Iyer,, for pointing this one out!)

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Thanks to Michael James ( for suggesting having a few right handed DNAs.

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blue snow drift curve
Tom Schneider
origin: 1998 November 21
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