Who is Nino?

Cartoon drawing of Tom Schneider wearing a scuba mask,
tank and carrying a fish spear.  Two fish are nearby in the
water. [image lost for now :-(]

This "Carica-toon" of Tom Schneider was done in 1967 at The `Worlds Fair' called Expo67. (The link to Expo67 is broken). On the back is written:


Nino Falanga---born in Naples, Italy---Academy of Fine Arts and University of Architecture---former university crew-rowing and swimming champion of Italy.

Has appeared in a number of T.V. Shows and special programs (Howdy Doody, Tonight, Jack Paar etc.) in U. S. A. and Europe. Has worked with "Tom & Jerry" and "Mister Magoo" cartoons at M.G.M and U.P.A. in California.

Assistant director and actor in 20-odd motion pictures and TV shows, among them: "Mondo Cane", "The Woman in The World", "The World by Night", "Sexy By Neon", "77 Sunset Strip", "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad", The Tenth Victim" etc .... in Italy, Spain and The United States.

Internationally known as a speedy caricature artist, has worked in a large number of conventions, publicity stunts and night club acts all over Europe and the U.S.A.

His ability to draw a complete caricature in less than a minute has won him the reputation of "The World's Fastest Cartoonist" and "The artist who evolved cartoon-drawing into Showbiz."

138 East 60 ST.
NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022
212-PLaza 5-3739

Does anyone know what happened to him? Can anyone verify his address?

On 1999 January 29 I received a mysterious fax. It's from Nino!! It's another sketch "Nino by Nino 32 years later"! :-) Hello Nino!

On 2004 Oct 30 I learned that Nino died in February of 2004.

More picture by Nino:

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