If you believe that there are atoms, it is inconsistent to believe in a god. If you don't believe that there are atoms, you are ignorant.
Tom Schneider, 2004 June 22

Religion hobbles the mind.
Tom Schneider, 2004 June 22

From my personal experience, turn the other cheek is often neglected by religious people when their beliefs are demonstrated to have no basis.
Tom Schneider, 2004 July 4

Math is trivial after you get it and impossible before that.
Tom Schneider, 2011 Oct 22

Watching science progress is like following a thousand mystery and thriller novels simultaneously.
Tom Schneider 2014 oct 10

The best way to do theory is to think hard about the problem and to saturate oneself in it. Then go and do something else. If there is a solution it will emerge one day, maybe years later while one is relaxing.
Tom Schneider 2014oct 12 10:08 am

When your opponents decide
to go down the wrong path
leading to their demise
are you obliged to tell them?
Tom Schneider 2015/02/01_13:05:08

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