Senate Bill S1333: Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investment Act of 2001 (Introduced in the Senate)
"To enhance the benefits of the national electric system by encouraging and supporting State programs for renewable energy sources, universal electric service, affordable electric service, and energy conservation and efficiency, and for other purposes."

Highlights (as I understand them):

How to locate the bill: Go to and search for S1333. SORRY! NEVER gives stable links. More idiots. You do that search and you will get something about meat. Try this search string: "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investment Act of 2001" On 2005 Oct 10 that gave me a house Bill: H.R.737 Title: To establish an energy program for the United States that unlocks the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for other purposes. It's FOUR YEARS LATER and these bozos are STILL FOOLING AROUND!!

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origin: 2001 September 30
updated: 2005 Oct 10