Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitive and Biotene Supersoft Toothbrushes

This page is devoted to information about obtaining soft toothbrushes such as Sensodyne, Colgate Sensitive and Biotene Supersoft brushes. They are very gentle on one's teeth can be very hard to find. You can email me if you have specific information (remove the word 'SPAMBLOCKER' from the address). Please include the word 'Sensodyne' in the subject line.

2009 Feb 17: Manpreet Khangura of Canada Pharmacy told me about two links:

Search for Glaxosmithkline Sensodyne toothbrushes.

Sensodyne brushes are made by Block Drug but unfortunately unless you are professional you still can't order from them online.

In January 2001 Block was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline plc, but one can still buy from them. There is still no online method. Basically their web pages are useless.

Here is how to order:

The Drug Store
P.O. Box 110-B
Bridgewater, VA 22841
phone: 1 800-538-6684
fax: 1-540-568-1933
Someone told me today (2002 July 30) that they moved and so have a new address:
The Drug Store
P. O. Box 828
Onley, VA 23418
I have not confirmed this information yet.

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