Boycott Companies that Buy Spammer Lists

There are two kinds of companies. One kind is honest and straightforward. They NEVER use spam because spam steals the resources of the people whom the spam is sent to. They know that people hate spam and so spam is bad for business.

The other kind of company uses spam. Of course this places them at the bottom of the rung of ethical behavior and such people will never get my buisness.

Here I will list companies that you would think would not spam but who are stupid enough to buy spammer email lists and then spam everybody. I suggest that you boycott them until they have publically renounced this method AND THEY HAVE SUED THE SPAM LIST GENERATORS AND THEY HAVE WON.


If you dislike spam:

  1. Contact some of the companies that spam you! Imagine that 10% of all spams cause an objection. Then the spammers will lose money on that idiotic 0.001% of the people who support them by buying products.
  2. Never use the products of spammers!
  3. Report spam to spamcop.
  4. Contact your governmental representatives and urge them to create harsh laws to prevent spam.
  5. More information on spam.

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origin: 2003 Feb 27
updated: 2004 December 10